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Professional Nail Services

Looking for a place to unwind and relax in a soothing atmosphere as you get pampered?  Come to Alegna Bella Boutique for a special spa manicure and pedicure.

From acrylic nail art designs to natural nails, our highly skilled staff will give your nails the perfect look for every special occasion.  


Professional Nail Services: Services

Manicures & Pedicures


Special Combo - Mani/Pedi - $60 (R) - $90 (G)

Manicure - $25 (R) - $40 (G)

Dip Manicure - $55

Dip Manicure w/ Removal - $60

Acrylic New Set Gel - $60+

Acrylic New Set Powder - $65+

Ombre Powder New Set - $70+

Acrylic Fill Gel - $50+

Acrylic Fill Powder - $55+

(R) - Regular Polish

(G) - Gel Polish


Pedicure - $37 (R) - $52 (G)

Special Jelly Pedi - $47 (R) - $62 (G)

Bath Bomb Spa Pedi - $52 (R) - $67 (G)

Elegant Spa Pedi - $62 (R) - $77 (G)


Polish change (hands) - $15 (R) - $30 (G)
Polish change (feet) - $20 (R) - $35 (G)
Acrylic Toe Set - $30
French - $5 - $15
Design - $ varies
Nail fix (each nail) - $5+
Gel removal - $12
Dip removal - $15
Acrylic removal - $15
Acrylic Soak Off - $20
Callus removal - $10
Shiny Buff - $8
Paraffin Wax - $10
Collagen Gloves & Socks - $10
Acrylic Length (Long) $5 - $10

Professional Nail Services: Products

Alegna Enhanced Spa

Spa Manicure

$40 (Reg) - $55 (Gel)

Enjoy the benefits of paraffin wax and mud masks; a perfect blend of heat therapy and skin exfoliation.  Paraffin wax reduces muscle spasms and mud masks cleanses skin pores and remove impurities.  The result -  a soothing experience that add moisture and continues to boost the moisture levels of the skin throughout the day.

Special Jelly Pedi

$47 (Reg) - $62 (Gel)

Luxurious and soothing; Jelly spa provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles.  Immersed in Jelly Spa Bath filled with dilution minerals to exfoliates the skin and complete with sea salt scrub to gently remove toxins and dead skin cell for smooth, softer and refreshed skin.

Bath Bomb Spa Pedi

$52 (Reg) - $67 (Gel)

Infused with aroma, pedi bomb absorbs minerals, toxins, and impurities to keep skin moist and rejuvenated.  That's not all, this treatment comes with Jojoba Bead Exfoliation, Collagen Treatment, and sensual Massage Cream to buff away dead skin cells and enhances soft skin for a youthful, radiant and feeling fresh all day long.

Elegant Spa Pedi

$62 (Reg) - $77 (Gel)

Elegant Spa Pedi delivers a true pampering experience.  Get ready to relax and unwind as your feet be treated with sea salt scrub, mud mask, and paraffin wax for enhanced softer, smoother, and rejuvenated skin.  Finally, enjoy additional foot massage with massage cream to stimulate your senses.

Professional Nail Services: Products
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